New Website for Anders Rindom

Welcome to my new website. It is my hope that this place should serve as a kind of notice board, be a reference point for my new and slightly older work and function as a contact point for anything relating to my activity as a visual artist. But having said that, it immediate strikes me that what I am writing is not strictly true: for a good deal of my time I work on projects, making pieces on a large scale with artists for whom the visual is not necessarily a priority. These tend to consume bundles of my time and they can still be found on the website belonging to Paintedwithsound.

I can in honesty say that I never thought I would find myself in a position where I would want or need a site like this. But sometimes circumstances change beyond your control: when the Danish Arts Foundation mailed me this summer with news that they were closing down their artist’s site, where my own work had been listed for some time I knew something had to be done. That they soon afterwards offered me a grant, to cover the cost of this new shop window was an unexpected but good surprise. I was very happy with the layout of their old site, so much so that with few changes I have asked the web designer, Kelly to copy its layout.

I cannot pretend that IT is not my strongest side and when you have to leave decisions to others as I have had to do on this occasion, I have learned it is best to keep things simple. So you will find no flashing lights, no pop ups and no moving images. How dull you may say! There will however, time permitting be a regular turnover of image files, showing you my latest, publicly exhibited work.

It is my intention to use this NEWS tab as a kind of log where I can keep any reader informed about what I am up to, have been doing recently or will do in the near future. A few weeks ago, the 16-19 of October I took part in The Other Art Fair at the Old Truman Brewery in East London. It is an event that takes place each year at the same time as the Frieze Art Fair, one of many initiatives that have sprung up in response to this important event. If you follow the links you will find images that shows a section of my display, followed by some brief reviews.

If you go through the six exhibition folders on the home page, you may recognize some of the material as familiar. This is because it previously occupied my pigeon hole on the site. This is only temporary measure I can assure you.  I was uncertain how long the old website would remain online and felt that the older material could do with being on display a bit longer. So eventually these images will go and be replaced with more up to date material. So do not lose faith in my new venture yet.

In the near future, a film documenting the installation ‘Alla Turca’ from 2012 will be published on the Paintedwithsound label and be available commercially. It will contain live, still images and sound from the work and  but also a series of ‘color slides’, shots from two trips I did to Turkey which formed the base for the installation. I will keep you posted about the publishing date on this tab once I know it.