Anders Rindom: Winter update

I am uncertain if anyone that is apart from myself, ever accesses this tab. It is the trouble with all entries on websites; they are not interactive and will therefore seldom talk back. The year that has just ended was a very busy one for me. I have had a traditional one-person show, of paintings(…)

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Anders Rindom: Spring update

I realise that an update is long overdue as it is a year has passed since my last entry. Meanwhile a number of things have happened. I completed a very large piece for Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus, my largest to date, which gave me clear indication as to my own physical limitations even(…)

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Anders Rindom : April update

Since this website went live, just before Christmas a number of items have turned up. The film documenting the installation ‘Alla Turca’ has been completed after much delay and are now available on Vimeo. To see it please use the following link: The Other Art Fair at the Truman Brewery in October has let to(…)

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