Anders Rindom: Spring update

I realise that an update is long overdue as it is a year has passed since my last entry. Meanwhile a number of things have happened.
I completed a very large piece for Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus, my largest to date, which gave me clear indication as to my own physical limitations even when plenty of help is at hand. After the group show in Paris, arranged by Nicholas Samson-Agnez a second show, this time in Normandy took place and this time I was fortunate enough to attend in person and meet the other artists.
In February this year I returned once more to Jutland, this time to undertake a residency at Viborg Kunsthal, an exhibition space dedicated to contemporary visual art. This stay was made possible through a donation given by Obel family foundation and under its terms I was given a place to stay and to work. But the aims of the residency was left open and for me to decide. A quick succession of fortunate breaks however lead to the development of a new project, that I produced and exhibited within the timeframe of my stay.
The outcome was an installation set in a tiny cottage called Rektor’s Lysthus, which despite its modest size has both an intriguing shape, good proportions and an interesting location: at a corner, built into the wall of a formal garden next to Viborg Cathedral and the museum preserving the memory of the two brothers who together decorated the church.
My intervention consisted of placing three pieces in the space, constructions of rough plywood painted mat white and sanded down to reveal the original wood grain. They had came about as a response, a summery if you like of observations made in the landscape surrounding Viborg: the bare harvested fields, some open sand and gravel pits but not least the white mussel banks on the shore of Limfjorden.
Before choosing this setting other possibilities within the confine of the garden were tested and some ideas realised as models; but not until some networking- and the support from a the towns landscape gardener- were the little cottage repaired, cleared of wheel barrows and gardening tools and made ready as workable display space.
The exhibition ran from the 17th to the 28th of March and the opening were marked by a public viewing followed by an ‘artists talk’ and display of sketches and models at Viborg Kunsthal, recapturing the process that lead up to the final outcome. Viborg Stifts Folkeblad covered both the residency and the exhibition extensively in two full-page articles illustrated with numerous images, on the 04th (page 13) and 18th (page 17) March 2016.
Finally, as with all projects you can never manage all on your own. So this time thanks goes to Annette and Jacques Gustin, Lotte Kunstmann and not least Jan Klein who all, each in their own way helped to make it possible.